The Bridgeton man who allegedly killed a fellow resident during a home invasion on Monday is now charged in connection with two more armed robberies, authorities said.

One of those incidents occurred on Sept. 27 and involved the same victim Jacob T. Randolph robbed shortly before Monday’s fatal shooting, Bridgeton police allege.

Randolph was charged on Thursday in connection with armed robberies that occurred on Sept. 27 and Sunday night, said Capt. Michael Gaimari of the Bridgeton Police Department. Bail was set at $250,000 for each incident, he said.

Randolph was one of three individuals arrested in connection with the fatal home invasion. Two juveniles were arrested on Thursday.

Randolph, 19, of South Avenue, was already being held in the Cumberland County jail in Bridgeton on $1 million bail in connection with charges filed for Monday’s fatal shooting and another home invasion.