Brigantine officials approved a contentious $4 million bond ordinance Wednesday after the measure failed last month to garner the necessary two-thirds majority from City Council.

Even Wednesday, after it first came up for discussion at the end of a six-hour meeting, officials still raised concerns that the ordinance did not provide enough detail about the expenditures.

After several intervening debates and a few changes by city staff, the measure passed 5-2 along political lines, with Republican Mayor Phil Guenther and Councilman Andrew Simpson in the opposition.

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"Four million dollars is a lot of money we're adding on for future taxpayers," Simpson said Thursday, adding he still believed the ordinance was too vague.

Councilman Rick DeLucry, a Democrat, said it was "foolish" to ask the city to have to itemize every road repair.

"I'm happy it went through, but it should've gone through without all the delays and the pretend issues," he said.

The bond debate arose after a contentious budget cycle this year, in which city officials ultimately approved a 3.4-cent local tax-rate increase. Other recent issues that have stretched across months of meetings included the golf course infrastructure and placement of a dog park.

City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal said the expenditures are necessary improvements put forth by department heads. The delays may mean some of the work - particularly bulkhead and road repairs - may now have to wait until spring.

"Part of the bond ordinance includes vehicles and other equipment we lost during Sandy, so it held us up replacing them," she said.

Projects to be funded through the bond include:

•$1.2 million for a new fire truck, ambulance and other emergency equipment

•$612,000 for various roadway improvements

•$582,000 for improvements to the storm sewer system and pump stations

•$487,000 for the city's recreational fields and public buildings, including new roofs on the Fire Department and Public Works buildings, a new emergency generator for the fire department, improvements to the Shark Park playground, new tennis court lighting and repairs to the city-owned library building

•$443,000 for bulkhead improvements

•$396,000 for other vehicles, including a backhoe and dump truck with plow and spreader

•$280,000 for new police equipment, including radios and an electronic fingerprint machine

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