State Sen. Barbara Buono, D-Middlesex, officially kicked off her campaign for governor Saturday with a speech in New Brunswick.

Buono remains the only declared Democratic candidate to face Gov. Chris Christie in November after several high-profile Democrats including former Governor Richard Codey and state Senate President Stephen Sweeney said they wouldn’t run.

“We're here today to put an end to a philosophy as tired as it is disproven — the notion that our economic problems can all be solved if only we ask the middle class and the working poor to sacrifice more so that the wealthy can become even richer,” she said.

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She cited high property taxes, “failing” public schools and an unemployment rate near 10 percent, “while the governor continues to pray at the altar of his Republican Party's bedrock principle of tax cuts for millionaires.”

From Cape May to High Point, everyday New Jerseyeans are wondering the same thing: for all of this governor's Youtube moments and choreographed town halls, for all his national press appearances and magazine covers, what has he actually done to help my family lift itself from this economic morass?”

Buono stated. Buono started her legislative career on the borough council of Metuchen, Middlesex County. She was elected to the state General Assembly in 1994 and the state Senate in 2002, where she became the first female Senate majority leader in 2010.

In her speech at the New Brunswick High School, she pointed to her efforts to spearhead reforms of the state pension system and described herself as “a fiscal watchdog.”

“Some say that the odds of beating this Governor are insurmountable,” she said. “I say I've heard that my entire life, and look where we are today.”

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