A casino floor was evacuated this morning after an electrical fire caused heavy smoke to spill onto the floor.

Firefighters were called to Caesars Atlantic City at 6:11 a.m., Fire Chief Dennis Brooks said. Smoke could be seen outside on Pacific Avenue.

Brooks said the fire began in a second-floor electrical room when one of the employees turned on the large switch -- about 4-by-6 feet -- and it blew.

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"There was a loud bang," Brooks said.

The workers made their way through the smoke, and turned off all the power.

"That's the main hazard in an electrical fire, and they eliminated that very quickly," Brooks said. "It was really heads-up thinking by the two workers."

The main problem for firefighters was trying to get the smoke out, he said. They tried to move the smoke up through the one ventilation shaft in the room, but smoke did escape onto the casino floor below, and it was evacuated. Some guests in the hotel also reported smoke.

"The safety and security of our hotel guests and employees is always our first priority at Caesars and due to the small generator fire early this morning, we quickly evacuated the hotel in its entirety," said Don Marrandino, Eastern Division president for Caesars Entertainment. "The veteran experience of our facilities team and the Atlantic City Fire Department quelled what could have been a very serious situation and, for that, we are incredibly thankful."

There were no reported injuries, Brooks said.

Firefighters cleared the scene by 7:37 a.m.


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