CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE– The 2014 Coastal Water Monitoring Program will begin on May 12 and continue through Sept. 2 in Cape MayCounty.

The county’s Health Department, in cooperation with the state Department of Environmental Protection is continuing its Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program.  “The monitoring program reaffirms our commitment to the surveillance and protection of the public’s health, coastal environment and natural resources,” county Health Director Kevin Thomas said in a statement.

Sixty-one ocean and one back bay recreational sites have been selected for weekly monitoring.

The tests use the presence of enterococcus as an indicator assess water quality.  The maximum estimated enterococcus bacteria in marine waters should not exceed 104 per 100ml of sample.  Two consecutive counts of 104 per 100ml at a sampling site initiate a closing.

If the result of the microbiological water quality resample exceeds the that standard, county bathing beaches will post a swimming advisory or will be closed for bathing. 

Test results can be viewed online at or found by calling the health department at (609)463-6581

Trudi Gilfillian