Sometimes art just pops out at you.

And it's been drawing people off the Atlantic City Boardwalk since Tuesday.

Thirteen artists from around the world have set up on South Indiana Avenue just off the Boardwalk for this weekend's DO AC 3D Chalk Art Festival.

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Tracy Lee Stam, an artist from Ventura, Calif., organized the event, which is sponsored by the Atlantic City Alliance. The artists are creating a type of art called anamorphic projection, which uses paint and chalk on the street to create a 3-D image.

The designs, which were selected by the individual artists, are meant to be viewed through a camera or viewfinder so onlookers can see the 3-D shape.

"It looks like it's standing up," she said Thursday as she was preparing her painting of a Monopoly board. "It's a great art form that is very popular in the world."

People have been stopping by and checking out the various pieces on the roadway since the artists began work Tuesday. Many of the artists were finishing up Thursday afternoon. Stam said if there is rain, it would wash away some of the paint.

"We'd have to do a lot of touching up," she said.

Julio Jimenez, an artists from Los Angeles, painted a 1932 Delahaye classic vehicle next to an African tribal mask.

"I like to see the beauty in different cultures and compare them together," he said. "It's beautiful to find two things you'll never have together but still keep the realism."

Hammonton resident Rita Howell and her friend Mary Beth Spiegel, of Folsom, went by the drawings Thursday.

"It's amazing," Spiegel said. "I've never seen anything like this."

Howell said she loves all the art initiatives in the resort lately.

"It's so good to see the number of people out viewing it," she said. "It's quite an attraction."

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