Motorists will begin seeing construction preparations on the bridge into Longport next week.

The work on the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge, which connects Longport and the Seaview Harbor section of Egg Harbor Township, will begin Monday.

Alternating lanes will be formed between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day from Monday through Thursday to allow the contractor to set up a work platform under the bridge and to begin its initial field measurements, Atlantic County spokeswoman Linda Gilmore said in a statement.

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Police from both towns will be onsite to direct traffic.

Equipment is currently being moved into place, but this will not affect traffic, Gilmore said.

The main work for the $4.8 million rehabilitation project, which has been planned to avoid a complete shutdown of the bridge during construction, will begin after Labor Day.

The 50-year old bridge is expected to last another 25 years after repairs, Gilmore said.

The project is entirely funded by the state Department of Transportation and will be done by Driscoll Construction. The original cost of the project was expected to be between $3.1 million and $3.5 million, but those plans called for the bridge to be closed entirely for a period of time.

After objections from residents, the plans were changed to allow one lane to be open to traffic. The project will now take longer and is expected to be complete by Memorial Day 2014. Both lanes will be kept open during the more heavily traveled summer season.

The bridge, which is made up of reinforced concrete, steel girders and I-beams, will be given new deck joints and receive repairs to the concrete deck, the structural steel in the main span and the steel and timber piles. The capacity of the pre-stressed I-beams will be restored using carbon fiber wrap.

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