Cumberland County residents will have some uncontested primary elections for the county positions of freeholder and surrogate in June.

Voters will eventually elect two people to fill a pair of three-year seats on the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholder.

Running in the primary for the Democratic Party are former Cumberland County Vocational Technical Education Center Superintendent Darlene Barber of Upper Deerfield Township, and Vineland Board of Education member Carlos Mercado. Running for the Republicans are Thomas Sheppard, who runs Sheppard Farms in Lawrence Township and who lost a freeholder re-election bid last year, and Vineland resident William Gonzalez, an insurance broker who lost a freeholder bid in 2011.

Cumberland County Freeholders Sam Fiocchi and Carl Kirstein, both Republicans, are not seeing re-election. Fiocchi is running for a 1st District Assembly seat.

Cumberland County Surrogate Douglas Rainear, a Democrat who lives in Upper Deerfield Township, will run in the June primary. Running for the Republicans is Vineland Police Chief Timothy Codispoti.