Snowfall has tapered off dramatically in Cumberland County, a sign that today’s storm may be ending sooner than officials believed.

However, roads throughout the County continue to be snow covered, and coupled with cold temperatures, conditions areis keeping business and traffic throughout the county quiet.

Normally busy stretches of Route 47, also known as Delsea Drive, through commercial sections of Vineland and Millville are only being lightly traveled. Traffic on a stretch of Route 49 through Millville, where it is also known as Main Street, and where a series of traffic signals can normally cause backups, is light.

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Police throughout the county continue to report no significant problems on snow- or ice-related streets.

County officials said work crews remain out, plowing wherever they feel the snow is deep enough to remove.

 In the downtowns of both Vineland and Millville, some businesses remained closed for the day. Sidewalks and parking spaces along Landis Avenue in Vineland and High Street in Millville were free of vehicles and pedestrians.

 Hector Mercado was one of the few people walking along Landis Avenue late this morning. The Vineland resident, sheltered from falling precipitation by a black umbrella, said he was crunching his way through snow-covered sidewalks on route to paying his telephone bill.

 Asked if he was tired of this winter, Mercado shook his head in the affirmative and said, “Sheesh.”

 “It’s really too cold,” he said.

 One of the stores passed by Mercado was Steve Shelton’s sewing repair shop.

 Shelter was sweeping and shoveling snow off the sidewalk in front of his store. He said he has done it many times in the 40 years he has run the business.

 But like Mercaco, Shelton said this winter is becoming too much to take.

 “Everybody has had it,” he said.

 Shelton said it probably was a waste of time to open today, and that he would likely spend today catching up some work.

 “But if some idiot wants to come here (in this weather), I’ll take care of them,” Shelton said.

Just as he finished speaking, a Vineland Public Works Department truck rolled past, using its plow to remove a few inches of snow from Landis Avenue.

 While activity in downtown Millville was also light, there were still a few people who opted to do some business.

 Commercial Township resident Jason Meyers was carrying a box full of items to downtown pawn shop. Meyers said he opted to go to the pawn shop figuring it would not be busy because of the weather.

 “I’ve got to sell this stuff,” Meyers said. “I’ve got some bills to pay.”

 County officials estimated that the county received about 6 inches of snow, far less than originally forecast.

 The latest National Weather Service forecast set snowfall at three to five inches in Vineland and Bridgeton, and three to seven inches in Millville.

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