Cumberland County officials said they expect a combination of salting and warming temperatures today to have all county roads ice free by this evening.

“There won’t be anything left on the roads for tonight,” Cumberland County Public Works Director Donald Olbrich said.

Now, Olbrich said the county is trying to rest some of its work crews and make repairs to county trucks in anticipation of storms expected to arrive overnight and later this weekend.

County trucks are taking a beating from use in the recent storms, he said.

Some of the necessary work involves routine maintenance, such as repairing broken bolts on plows, Olbrich said. Other work, such as repairs to hydraulic systems, will be expensive, he said.

“Those are the major costly issues,” Olbrich said.

The county officials will also take inventory today of a dwindling salt supply, he said. He said the county purposefully limited salt use for this storm to keep some in reserved for the upcoming bad weather.

“I’m guessing we’re still OK for the next two small storms,” Olbrich said.

The county may start mixing sand with the salt to further stretch its availability, he said. Another possibility of the county to just salt intersections, he said.

“That is the discussion we’re going to have,” Olbrich said.

The county’s next salt delivery is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Meanwhile, icy road conditions prompted Millville schools to begin 90 minutes late today.

Police also reported few overnight accidents. Most of those accidents involved what police said were minor fender benders.