Cumberland County officials estimate that at least 7 inches of snow fell overnight.

Donald Olbrich, the county’s public works director, said the total reached about 7.5 inches at the county administration building in Bridgeton.

Snow totals seemed to be highest in areas around Bridgeton, Vineland and Stow Creek and Upper Deerfield townships, he said. Less snow fells in areas closer to Delaware Bay, he said.

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Despite the snowfall, Olbrich said work crews are finding it easier to clear roads today than during past storms.

“It hasn’t been as tough,” he said. “There’s been no drifting. The other ones kicked our butts because of drifting.”

Still, residents trying to get to work should not expect roads to be plowed “shoulder to shoulder,” he said. He urged residents to be cautious and not go out if possible.

“If they can stay home, they should,” Olbrich said.

Olbrich said the snow is changing over to rain. That could help remove the snow, but present the possibility of slick, icy roads when temperatures fall later today, he said.

County officials said all schools are likely closed today. Officials in districts such as Bridgeton, Millville and Vineland were sending out telephone messages about the closings and telling students and their families to enjoy an extended Presidents Day vacation.

Police in Cumberland County are also now gearing up to deal with a morning rush of residents trying to get to work.

Millville police said the department brought on extra staff to handle this morning’s traffic and deal with other storm-related problems.

Police at least caught a break in terms of motor vehicle problems with the storm falling overnight. Millville and Vineland authorities reported few problems related to the storm.

“We haven’t had anything,” a Vineland police dispatcher said. “Nothing. One little, minor fender-bender.”

Millville police reported a few minor accidents, including at least one incident of car sliding off a road. There were no injuries, they said.

Atlantic City Electric is reporting less than 100 power outages in Cape May County, and the same situation in area of Ocean County south of Barnegat Beach. The utility is reporting no outages in Atlantic and Cumberland counties.


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