Spring officially arrives today at sunrise, but don’t expect the weather to seem like spring for possibly two more weeks.

The ongoing chill across the eastern portion of the country is poised to persist — bringing temperatures as much as 15 degrees below normal for the next week, as well as the potential for some snow again Monday.

“There are going to be a lot of people complaining for the next couple of weeks around here, because they’re looking for spring and spring is going to be slow to arrive,” said David Robinson, state climatologist and Rutgers University professor.

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Despite the cold, the winter of 2012-13 will go down in the books as the 13th warmest on record in New Jersey, Robinson said.

“It didn’t seem so mild, because we’re used to mild winters these days and, of course, last winter being so mild,” he said.

South Jersey residents may also be craving sunshine and blooming flowers because winter seemingly arrived just after Hurricane Sandy struck Oct. 29. November was 4.7 degrees below normal and the 2.5 inches of snow that fell Nov. 7 was the heaviest snowfall that early in the season at Atlantic City International Airport, according to the National Weather Service.

But December and January were rather mild. December was 5.7 degrees above normal and January was 2.1 degrees above normal, according to weather service records.

Then the cold hit the last week of January, lasting through February and now likely through most of March, Robinson said. February was 1.2 degrees below normal, compared with 5.1 degrees above normal last year. And March, which was 9 degrees above normal last year, the warmest on record, likely will be several degrees below average this year, Robinson said.

Winter also has been relatively wet, with 13.31 inches of rain recorded at Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township since Dec. 21, or 3.6 inches above normal, according to the weather service.

Almost three times as much snow fell this winter compared with last winter, with 12.3 inches recorded at Atlantic City International, according to the weather service. Last year, only 4.3 inches fell.

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