WILDWOOD - A 37-year-old resident was arrested and charged May 2 for possession of drugs worth about $7,740 in street value and CDS paraphernalia worth more than $2,853.

Luis Montijo was arrested in his home, along with two juveniles, in the 200 East block of Poplar Avenue, and was fond in possession of 68 grams of cocaine, 47 bags of heroin and 12 grams of hashish, police said.

A court authorized search warrant resulted in the search and seizure of the items in Montijio's home, who is charged with possession of cocaine and heroin, with intent to distribute, as well as possession of hashish with intent to distribute. He was also charged with possession within 500 feet of a public place and within 1,000 feet of a school zone

Montijo is in Cape May County jail with bail set at $150,000 cash. The two juveniles were arrested and charged with CDS related violations, and are currently in Cumberland County Juvenile Detention Center.