A member of a Florida family wrestled to the ground by Harrah’s security guards in 2012 has filed a lawsuit against parent company Caesars Entertainment Corp. alleging assault and battery, among several other charges.

The lawsuit filed in Florida state court this month by Renee Binns, of Lee County, Fla., alleges the incident recorded by hotel security cameras is indicative of management failures resulting from budget cuts. Those cuts have spurred a less stringent interview process for security guards and less training for new employees, documents claim.

According to the lawsuit, Binns, her husband, John, and her then 17-year-old daughter, Andrea, were staying at Harrah’s in August 2012 when the the family had difficulty with the key cards issued to access their room and charge meals. As a result, the Binns’ names were not entered into the hotel system as guests, the lawsuits states.

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The incident was allegedly sparked when John Binns asked to speak to a manager after he was informed by hotel staff that he could not be issued a new key card because he was not registered as a guest.

Casino hotel security video provided by Binns’ attorneys at Maggiano, DiGorolamo & Lizzi, of Fort Lee, N.J., shows John Binns speaking to hotel employees and gesturing. About one minute later, the video shows security guards in view, and two men pull Binns to the ground as a struggle ensues while Renee Binns and Andrea Binns watch.

John Binns was led away by security guards. Later, the video cuts to another hallway and shows security approaching Renee and Andrea Binns, who are walking alone. The guards then separate the mother and daughter and wrestle both to the ground in separate locations. The lawsuit states that Andrea Binns suffered a fractured nose and was knocked unconscious.

“It is abundantly clear that what happened to Ms. Binns and her family was by no means an isolated event, but indicative of a pattern of misconduct that is captured on video,” Binns’ attorney Michael Maggiano said.

Katie Dougherty, a spokeswoman for Caesars Entertainment, said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit is the latest development involving casino security video. Earlier this week, a hotel security video of a domestic incident involving Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice at Revel Casino Hotel was released by TMZ Sports.

Meanwhile, a bill has been proposed in the New Jersey Assembly that would require security cameras in stairwells of every casino hotel and parking garage. Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, who sponsored the bill, said she proposed the measure after learning that cameras were not in a casino hotel stairwell where she said a brutal attack took place. She did not give details about that attack.

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