A smash-and-grab robbery at the jewelry store inside Borgata  Hotel Casino & Spa last summer has been linked to a crime spree by a group of men, according to a federal complaint.

Four men have been arrested.

About $200,000 in watches stolen July 2 were part of more than a million dollars in luxury timepieces taken from stores in New Jersey, New York and Virginia, the FBI announced.

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“From Cartier on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, the defendants left no rock unturned, carrying out a series of brazen midday smash-and-grab robberies of high-end jewelers up and down the East Coast,” FBI Assistant Director in Charge George Venizelos said. “It took sophisticated, modern crime-fighting techniques to tie the heists together.”

The crimes began around July 1 and ended Jan. 30, according to the complaint, which called the men "a highly organized crew (that) engaged in a series of violent robberies of high-end jewelry and watch stores.”

The robberies followed a similar pattern.

Three to five members of the crew would enter the store, begin smashing display cases with hammers, then grab luxury watches and flee, the complaint says. Each robbery occurred during business hours while store employees and customers were present.

In an August robbery in Richmond, Va., the robbers used a handheld stun gun to subdue a female store employee before fleeing with more than $100,000 in watches, according to the complaint.

Allens Williams, Roberto Grant, Terrell Ratliff and Tyrone DeHoyos are each charged with robbery conspiracy and one or more substantive robberies.

DeHoyos, 35, was arrested last week in Brooklyn, and detained pending trial. Williams, 35; Grant, 33, and Ratliff, 22, were all previously arrested by the NYPD and were expected to be transferred into federal custody.

The investigation was aided by the local police departments, including Atlantic City police.

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