Tom Mitchell, left, Dick Price, Genine Agnew and Anna Jezycki, all of Galloway, got together, donated money and called on others to do the same to remember local vets who have died and have been injured during wars. The memorial at Veteran's Park will have a new name on it, local Richard Trask.

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Residents worked together to raise money so local World War II veteran Bill Trask would be remembered forever in the township.

Trask died at age 92 in September, just 14 months after the death of his wife of 67 years, but he will be memorialized on a memorial wall at Veterans Memorial Park.

“Bill Trask has done an awful lot for us in Galloway. He was one of the charter members who put our local government together. He wanted Galloway to work, and he was a dedicated patriot to our town,” said Dick Price, of the township’s Veterans Advisory Committee.

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During last week’s Township Council meeting, he and a small group of residents were able to raise about $750 to go toward paying for Trask’s name to be added to the wall at the park.

Mayor Don Purdy said Trask left a legacy in the township after settling here in the 1960s with his wife, Vera, following his military service.

“Many people probably don’t know, but he was a building inspector in town. He actually helped my father build our first house. I never knew it, and he never told me, and then my father told me the story one day. He (Trask) would work all day and then come and help my father build the house,” Purdy said.

Until the months right before he died, Trask was a regular at Township Council meetings, Purdy said.

“He would regularly come and voice his opinion, whether you liked it or not. You know where you stood with him,” Purdy said.

Price said there are about 50 glass blocks at the wall, and there is room for 350 more.

“We want to make it look like Washington, D.C., eventually. We want to make it a destination. We have four cherry trees that have been planted so far, and hopefully soon we’ll have 12 of them up all together,” Price said.

Three months ago, the push started for glass blocks to be purchased. Some people bought them but needed someone to complete the engraving at the wall. Price found an engraver.

Part of this push at the park’s memorial wall is the township’s Salute to Veterans celebration that will be held Sept. 14.

The township’s veterans will receive a free lunch and attend a ceremony with guest speakers.

“With all of this work, this will be quite an affair for the vets on Sept. 14, when Galloway salutes local veterans. We are looking for participants for the celebration and support for the event,” Price said.

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