A person who has repeatedly run against U.S. Rep Frank A. LoBiondo plans another challenge against the nine-term Republican congressman.

Gary Stein, 55, of Mullica Township said he wants to get his ideas discussed, even as he said he did not think he would likely win. He also wants to debate health care and the economy on the radio with LoBiondo.

Stein said he supported moving to a single-payer, government-run health care plan, and called for “slashing and burning the rest of the government to make way for single-payer.”

He also called for eliminating all corporate taxes, as well as income taxes for families earning less than $400,000, while boosting the rates on people earning more than $1 million to between 40 and 45 percent. Stein also wanted to see a national sales tax at around four percent.

To eliminate the shadow economy, Stein also said the government should eliminate cash, with all transactions handled through a government-issued debit card.

He minimized the civil libertarian and banking concerns of all personal financial transactions administered by the government, saying the banks would work with the government, and that outside monitors could police the government on privacy concerns.

Stein has been a peripheral candidate, running twice for Congress, twice for governor and earlier this year for the General Assembly.

In 2010 he was the official Democratic congressional candidate after party officials could not agree on a candidate. Largely abandoned by the party, he finished with 51,690 votes, or about 31 percent, to LoBiondo’s 109,460 votes.

Stein joins Absecon Board of Education member Michael Assad, 24, who has said he is challenging LoBiondo for the Republican nomination.

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