WILDWOOD — Handles Franklin spun and twirled his red, white and blue Harlem Globetrotters basketball with ease.

With the Wildwoods sign behind him, Franklin kept the ball moving for nearly a minute as Eric Nemeth, director of publicity for the Globetrotters, captured it all on video.

The video was published on YouTube earlier today.

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Franklin, who was in Wildwood on Wednesday to take part in an anti-bullying program for local school children, will perform the same maneuvers at 11 other well-known shore spots — including Lucy the Elephant in Margate and the Atlantic City Boardwalk — as part of an effort to promote the Jersey Shore.

Nemeth said the videos will be put together into one short video and then aired on the Globetrotters’ YouTube channel and Facebook page, possibly by this Friday.

“We’ve played six games in New Jersey already this year and we have four more to come (in Wildwood),” Nemeth said. “As ambassadors of goodwill we want to give back to the community.”

The Globetrotters, he said, are an international brand playing in 122 countries this year, and the fans on Facebook and YouTube are equally diverse.

The group has about 50,000 YouTube subscribers. With 27.5 million channel views, and close to 400,000 fans on Facebook.

“So why not let the world know New Jersey is open for business,” Nemeth said.

The state’s Economic Development Authority is overseeing the Stronger than the Storm campaign, a federally funded $25 million program designed to entice visitors who might otherwise stay away because of Hurricane Sandy last October.

“We can help spread the word and the state can use the video as well,” Nemeth said. “We are open for business in New Jersey at the Jersey Shore.”

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