CAPE MAY POINT — Staffing at the Cape May Point Post Office will be reduced from eight to six hours per day, but there are no plans to close the facility any time soon.

The Post Office on Yale Avenue serves as more than a place to send or receive mail. It’s a community meeting place as well as holding post office boxes for residents in this community of less than 300 year-round residents, many of whom are senior citizens. There is no local home delivery of mail.

But the U.S. Postal Service is the midst of a two-year project to evaluate its retail window hours at each of the service’s 67 districts as it looks to cut costs.

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Post Office Operations Manager Kevin Lafferty said the local options were to reduce the hours the window is open for business from eight hours per day to six, four, or two. The borough got the best possible outcome. Lafferty said there will still be Saturday hours and an electronic system would be installed so locals can get into the building at least eight hours per day to get their mail even when the window is not open.

Lafferty seemed impressed that more than 50 people turned out for a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the changes.

“We have a community that’s interested in the post office and that’s great to see. Maybe we can get your grandkids and younger ones to come in and buy some stamps,” Lafferty said.

The process is happening in towns all over southern New Jersey. It begins with a survey of residents. The Postal Service sent out 306 customer surveys in Cape May Point and 128 were returned, with 98 percent of those supporting the realignment of hours over other options.

Nobody supported using another post office. The nearest one is in Cape May, 3.2 miles away.

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