ATLANTIC CITY - Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel has agreed to release statements from teens involved in a sex scandal at a city firehouse, after the Langford administration subpoenaed the prosecutor.

But there has been no agreement concerning statements firefighters gave investigators in the case.

"We will be discussing that in the near future," Housel said Thursday afternoon, before leaving for a weekend prosecutors' conference.

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Due to his schedule, Housel said "that will have to wait until next week."

The investigation into allegations that several on-duty firefighters stood around Station 2 as one firefighter had females as young as 16 touch his genitals, and then gratified himself in front of them ended Wednesday with Housel ruling the incident didn't warrant criminal charges.

Mayor Lorenzo Langford responded by formally requesting "any and all statements, documents, photographs and other materials" related to the investigation, according to a letter sent to Housel on Thursday.

Housel said he would turn over the information only if it was not released to the public.

The city responded with a subpoena, but it was not clear what - if any - bearing that had in the decision to release the young womens' statements.

"The administration and I have reached an agreement with respect to providing the statements of the young women in a fashion that will protect their identities and their statements," Housel said. "It will be used for administrative purposes only."

There is a written agreement stating that, he said.

Langford also told The Press of Atlantic City he will contact Gov. Jon S. Corzine and the Attorney General's Office to push for their immediate intervention.

Read the full story in Friday's edition of The Press of Atlantic City.

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