MAYS LANDING - Jurors began deliberations Tuesday in an Atlantic City murder trial - and they already asked to have a second look at some of the evidence.

Keshaun Earley, 28, is accused of fatally shooting James Jordan, 25, as the man walked near Carver Hall on Aug. 26, 2012.

But whether video of the shooting shows Earley with the gun in his hand is for the jury to decide.

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They will get a second look at that this morning when they are shown the requested video, including a clip that shows Earley arriving home at Oakcrest Estates in Mays Landing later that day. Another portion of video from the development shows Earley there as well, public defender Eric Shenkus said - although the state has argued it's not him. The man is shown from the back, but Earley "has a distinctive walk," Shenkus said, echoing witnesses.

During closings Tuesday, Shenkus questioned not only the state's case but the thoroughness of the investigation. He pointed to a timeline of phone calls and texts to and from Earley's phone that showed he was where he told investigators he was at the time of the killing.

But Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy said Earley first denied under questioning by investigators even being in Atlantic City. During the three-hour interrogation, he then admitted that he had gone there to pick up his 7-year-old daughter and her mother. He continued to deny going near Carver Hall.

Shenkus also pointed out that Earley is shown writing with his left hand in the interrogation video, but the shooter held the gun in his right hand.

Video has played a big role in the case, with the state destroying 215½ hours of 216 hours of footage from video surveillance at Oakcrest Estates. A detective testified that she went through all of the video and found only two sections - totaling about a half-hour - that had anyone matching Earley's description.

The state presented three eye witnesses who claimed Earley - who they knew as "Buddha" - was the shooter.

Shenkus told jurors those statements were unbelievable considering the shooter had a towel covering his face for all but two seconds of the incident.

After watching the re-quested videos this morning, jurors will continue their deliberations.

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