EGG HARBOR CITY — The trial of a teacher’s aide charged with harassing two students at the Charles Spragg School was adjourned Wednesday after a lengthy discussion about the availability of videotape of the area where one of the alleged incidents occurred.

Parents of the two children filed municipal complaints in April against aide Brenda Ruth, alleging she had verbally harassed and physically assaulted their children. Ruth was put on paid administrative leave April 20.

The trial in municipal court had already been postponed twice as Ruth’s attorney, Neg Rogovoy, attempted to get a copy of the videotape from the hallway in which one incident was alleged to have occurred. A representative of the school said Wednesday they have a hard drive that could be viewed but no one on site with the expertise to quickly make copies of the segment in question.

Judge William Cappuccio ordered arrangements be made to allow both attorneys to view the tape at the school, then decide if copies were still needed for court. The trial was adjourned until Oct. 17.

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