A trade school which has previously been sued over misrepresented accreditations and fraud in 2007 and 2011, faces new accusations of fraud- including falsifying records and misleading students about programs so "government grant and loan dollars would keep flowing."

The lawsuit was filed by seven former employees of the Harris Business School in Linwood, according to the New York Times.

The lawsuit names the school along with its parent company, Premier Education Group, for fraudulent practices in order to ensure funding.

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In the article, an administrator at the Linwood campus said, "The bosses were always like, 'Stop asking why they're enrolled, just get them to graduation however you can.'"

The quote mirrors the complaints in previous cases, as reported in 2007 and 2011 by The Press.

The first complaint- in 2007- was filed by six medical assistant students who claimed the school was not approved to provide the  certification they were promised when they were enrolled.

The school replied at the time they were approved for medical assistant certification- just not the Certified Medical Assistant or American Association of Medical Assistants, two national standard certifications.

In 2011, 37 former medical assistant students filed a suit alleging that only near the end of the 10-month program did they become aware they were ineligible to take the same exams.

The current lawsuit is an example of a broader issue regarding for-profit schools like Harris.

The New York Times article states that because it is a private company, information about its finances are hard to obtain.


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