Second grader Sarah Flath, left, reads to 'book buddy' Kendall Blount , while sitting in the reading area at the Weymouth Township School library.

This is one in a series in which readers share why their local school is special. Today, eighth-graders at the Weymouth Township School write about the benefits of a small school.

"Weymouth Township School is a small, 200-student school. The great thing about not having many kids is everyone knows everybody from pre-K to eighth grade. Each day a different student speaks on the announcements, and as soon as they say their name everyone gets a mental picture of them in their heads. My school isn't just good because we don't have many students, we also help charity foundations. Each year the Student Council does a different fundraiser to help charity. Last year, we did penny wars and raised tons of money. This year, we did smash for cash, raising lots of money. All the money raised goes to a different charity foundation each year. That's why our school is the best!"

Kim Countouris

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"Our school is super, amazing for its small size. Everyone knows each other and helps each other out. We have great teachers who take their time to help students understand each subject, and they come up with creative projects, too. We also have fun talent shows and field trips. Everyone welcomes each other and welcomes new students. When my best friend Chelsea came to Weymouth, she was shy. But when I was told to show her around, everyone welcomed her. Well, there are some of the good things our school has to offer here at Weymouth.

Jenna Murphy

"I've been to a lot of different schools, and they were awful. But this school is the best. I love being here. I enjoy science class. We get to experience more things in science, like how to dissect a squid and mushrooms and a lot more things. This is the best school ever! You'll love it here! You get to know everyone from kindergarten to eighth grade. It feels like my other family. When I moved to this school in sixth grade, I made lots of friends as soon as I walked in the room. Everyone wanted to help me that day. It was the best day of my life."

Chelsea Clouser

"What makes my school special is the people that work there, and they're all very nice. The activities are fun. We have cooking club, chess club and others. The teachers make our school so much better. Not much bullying goes on, but in every school there's some bullying. This school is truly awesome because of the things we are allowed to do. We have lots and lots of privileges. This school is considered a family. Everyone loves each other. The food is amazing, and they give you a lot of food, too. Snack time is the bomb, as in delicious. The teachers, secretaries and everyone are amazingly cool. I love this school so much. I give a big shout out to Weymouth Township School. All 200 some students all enjoy this school."

Matthew Enders

"I think this is the best school in New Jersey. We learn a lot and sometimes have fun doing it. We have assemblies, special events, spirit days and a Student Council. I think a lot of people should know about this school. It also has two baseball fields, a basketball court, three four-square courts and four playgrounds."

Jason Kiszelewski

"In our school, there are lots of activities that make our school special. For example, our Student Council sponsors an annual Weymouth's Got Talent Show. This brings students from every grade together to showcase their talent. I think it brings our school community together as one. Our school also runs an art show. This was our first annual art show. Since our school is so small, we feel like family. This is what makes our school so special. We might be small, but it brings us closer together."

Amber Woods

"What makes my school, Weymouth Township, special is that we have phenomenal teachers and staff that help us learn to be the best we can be. We have all been together for such a long time that we're like a small family. And if someone leaves our school, they never leave out hearts. In our seventh-grade class, most of us have been together since kindergarten. And we all get along and are the best of friends. In our school, everyone has your back and will stand up for you. Even the teachers have your back when you're having a hard time."

Alyse Hand

"Our school is considered a family; everyone in this school is so close. Personally, I say our school has the best food ever. I eat pizza, salads, chicken and even pirogies. Our school also has a lot of activities. People could play sports, learn how to cook and play chess. People also don't bully as much as other schools."

Julian Polini


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