At this month's Boardwalk Committee meeting there was a determination to state the top five priorities that are in need of resolution.

1. The top priority was the physical condition of the Boardwalk, where needs include: new decking and railings where needed; maintenance of existing boards; the completion of the lighting installation; installation of cameras and speakers; and providing a clean, safe environment

2. Citywide safety issues, street lights and cleanliness

3. Code enforcement and demolition citywide

4. Integrity of the city's existing infrastructure

5. Cooperation between all elected and appointed officials in Atlantic City, to include the state's elected and appointed officials, all of the state agencies that are involved with the city, the Mayor's Office, City Council, all city departments and representatives of the six ward organizations.

No food vendor trailers

Boardwalk Committee members took a unified stand against the placement of food vendor trailers on the ocean side of the Boardwalk at New York Avenue without concern for the existing food providers that are now in business. The existing stationary food-service providers pay taxes or rent, pay high overhead costs and have licenses to operate. At the current time, many of them are having a difficult time financially and are 40 to 60 percent behind their previous years.

Bass gets entire site

Bass Pro Shops will be located on the site between Mississippi and Missouri avenues, and Atlantic Avenue to halfway down the block toward Arctic Avenue. There was one problem. The Manhattan Cleaners & Tailors had been operating its shop for 55 years and they were reluctant to sell. However, a sign in its window tells the story. It says, "Business Closing! All clothes must be picked up by July 31. Not responsible for any clothes left after this date. We thank you for your patronage for 55 years."

They have obviously sold the property. After many months of negotiating, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority purchased the site. As result of the sale, the entire site will now be available for the development of Bass Pro Shops. This is good news for Bass and it assures that they will be beginning to develop this site in the third quarter of this year. It is welcome news for the community.

Bill Cosby decries apathy

Bill Cosby has a new book, "I Didn't Ask To Be Born (But I'm Glad I Was)." Last week, he met with New York Post reporter Stacy Brown to share his thoughts about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's health crusades, children without manners and parents who need to be more involved. But the biggest issue facing us today, he argues, is apathy.

I heartily concur with his statement about apathy. Take a look around you and listen to what people are talking about. Are they concerned about the welfare of this nation, their state or their local community? Are they concerned about their fellow human beings? Are they getting involved in varied organizations that will make their lives better? Do they care about what's taking place around them? To all of the above, I would say no.

Who's to blame for the apathy? I blame it on our modern inventions. People are either texting, using their iPads and other devices. They are watching sporting events or television. How much conversation is there in the household, let alone at the workplace? And if there is conversation, what are the subjects? Are they talking about things that will make life better or just talking for talk's sake?

It is time to look around and smell the roses. It is time to see how you can make it better. Put a smile on your face and try to make this world a better place to live. Don't be apathetic. Get involved!

Notes of interest

•On a recent Saturday morning, Richmond Avenue School students participated in a community unity gardening program to create a nature trail at Kingston Avenue and the Boardwalk. The area that was overflowing with varied types of grass is now a handsome looking garden. It matches very nicely with the work that had been done on the Bartram Avenue pocket park.

•Money from the CRDA has made it possible to replace or repair Boardwalk railings and the boards. The work is now being done by city employees, and it is anticipated they will complete the enhancement of the Boardwalk by the Miss America Pageant in September.

Borgata's burlesque show a winner

If you want to have an adult evening of fun, I heartily suggest that you go to the Borgata's burlesque show that will be available every Thursday at 9 p.m. throughout the summer. It was a lot of fun and the audience truly loved it. The show drew a big crowd that was enthusiastic with its applause. They particularly enjoyed the comedian.

Producer Allen Valentine put together a cast that is a delight to watch as they perform their varied roles. There are seven beautiful chorus girls who are excellent dancers and far above anything one would have ever seen in the old burlesque shows. They are handsomely costumed, and their actions show how much they enjoy their production numbers.

There are quite a few quick skits that remind one of the outstanding comics of yesteryear. There are also two very fine gentleman who are truly vaudeville acts: one is an excellent tap dancer; the other is a good juggler. They also take part in several of the skits.

The numbers that are set up for the strippers are tastefully done. One young lady, an aerialist, did a strip while she was performing with silks wrapped around her. It was the most unusual strip tease I have ever seen. Congratulations to Valentine for a most enjoyable burlesque show.

Bernie Dillon comes home

Bernie Dillon began his gaming career in Atlantic City at the Boardwalk Regency Casino Hotel, now known as Caesars Atlantic City. He was there for five years before moving to Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and entering into the entertainment field. He was there for seven years and then went out on his own, booking boxing events and various entertainers. He was offered a position as senior vice president of entertainment at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hotel in Hollywood, Fla., until earlier this year when he decided to again go out on his own.

I'm happy to inform you that Dillon has returned to Atlantic City's gaming industry's as Revel's entertainment consultant. He did an excellent job while working for Jim Allen, CEO of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. He was booking as many as 100 acts a year and anticipates doing likewise at Revel in the not-too-distant future.

Touring the Revel facility with Dillon gave me an insight as to the varied types of entertainment and the quality that he is seeking. He looked over at Garden Pier, across the Boardwalk, and said that he would like to see free concerts held there for the public to enjoy. It's good to have someone who grew up in the industry here return to use knowledge that he gained elsewhere to enhance what he will do here.

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