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Warren Diamond and Joseph Zarelli, partners in 4100 Atlantic LLC, will build their proposed Breakers condo development on the site from Richmond to Annapolis avenues and the Boardwalk to Atlantic Avenue. This will be the first luxury condo development to be built in Atlantic City in the past 25 years.

They recently had their Atlantic City Planning Board approval and are slated to break ground by the end of September

The partners will build six double oceanfront units that will sell from $1.2 million. They will have parking sites, and the units will be built above FEMA's flood standards. They will also build 140 condo units from Atlantic Avenue toward the Boardwalk. These units will sell from $600,000 to $2 million, The price will depend on the location of the unit and its interior.

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Large signs have been placed on the Boardwalk side and on the Atlantic Avenue side that provide the particulars about the units and the complex. They also have a phone number for those interested in more information about what will be a magnificent addition to Atlantic City's luxury development. This truly will be the first new development of housing units for too long a period of time.

Things you should know

•It is definite that Pacific Avenue will be milled and repaved from Albany Avenue to the Revel Casino-Hotel. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is working on the bid documents for this job. They will also endeavor to curtail the bumps so that it will a smoother ride.

•Bass Pro Shops will take over its projected Tanger Outlets The Walk site, which runs from Atlantic to Arctic avenues and Mississippi to Missouri avenues, as of Sept. 1. Shortly after that time, the current building on that site will be demolished. This site includes the parking lot half of that block that has been operated by the South Jersey Transportation Authority. This project will be constructed by the Cordish Company and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2014.

•One of the major issues that has been causing problems at Boardwalk Hall is that of water. The parking garage is almost always wet when there is a severe rainstorm. The roadway under the Boardwalk is also wet and sometimes severely so.

There has been a problem with the outfall pipes from Mississippi to Florida avenues. Officials are working with the Army Corps of Engineers and Atlantic City's engineer to repair and extend the drainage system to alleviate hydrostatic and rainwater issues in Boardwalk Hall. Water from the barrel roof comes right down into the water on the ground level causing additional problems. Officials believe they will be able to resolve the issues that have been causing the trouble they have pumping out the water.

•Atlantic City has a number of bus shelters and those riding the buses are happy to have them, as they keep out the rain and strong winds that make it uncomfortable for those awaiting buses. For the first time in the city's history, the bus shelters will have electricity so that they can be lit up. This city has approved monthly electric charges as of this past week. A request for bids from contractor will go out in two weeks. The lights will certainly increase the safety factor of the shelters.

•Boardwalk lights from Roosevelt Place to Jackson avenue had their poles delivered this week. The parts will be delivered within the next 10 days. The city's Public Works Department will install all the parts as they come in. This means that every day you will see a few more poles and lights going up. It has taken a long time to get this area lighted the same as the rest of the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk's street-end poles that will carry cameras, flags and other entities are awaiting approval from Atlantic City engineer. Once it has been determined that the poles are strong enough to hold all the items to be attached, the approval will be sent to the CRDA, which will order the poles.

•Pile driving for Harrah's Corporate Business Center is slated to begin in September. The piles should be completed in December. It is anticipated this project will be completed in 2014.

•The CRDA allocated $500,000 to replace and upgrade the city street lights. The electric company has already replaced 300 lights and there are still 100 to go.

•The state Department of Environmental Protection, Atlantic City and the CRDA have allocated $1.2 million for electricity to be installed for the new year-round attraction of a Ferris wheel 200 feet high on Steel Pier. It will be the highest in the nation until a new one is built in Las Vegas.

•The Atlantic Avenue Facade program, which will include the blocks between 1300 and 1700, has 61 businesses that have been approached to get their approvals to be a part of the plan. So far, 35 have expressed interest in doing so and 19 have signed up to have new facades put on their buildings.

Beach horse race will happen

Although there has been no official statement, this corner is happy to inform you that the most unusual horse race to take place in the United States will be run on Atlantic City's beach on Saturday Oct. 12. Those of you who woke early last Friday morning saw two thoroughbred horses run on the beach.

The Atlantic City Public Works crew started at 5:30 a.m. to roll the beach and put it in shape for the horses to take a trial run. They did make the run and they truly seemed to enjoy it. The exact number of horses that will be participating in the American Palio has not yet been determined. We do know there will be no official wagering on the race, which is based on an annual race held in Siena, Italy.

The horses will run on a track without any turn. The winner will be determined by the best time for the three-quarter-mile distance. Endeavors are under way to get television coverage of this unusual event. Without a doubt, it will draw a large crowd and enhance the activities of those who will be coming to Atlantic City over the Columbus Day weekend.

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