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If you had the good fortune to be born in America or are a naturalized citizen of this great nation, you are celebrating our 237th birthday today.

How will you spend your day? Will you put up your flag? At some time during the day, will you look at the flag and realize how fortunate you are to live in the land represented by it? Take a few minutes to thank those who have preceded us and made this great nation what it is today.

What else will you do today? Do you have to work? Are you free to be able to enjoy being with your family? Will you hit the beach and dip your body into that salty brine? Will you have a picnic? Will you spend the evening enjoying the fireworks displays?

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Hopefully, the answer to most of these questions will be yes. To those who have to work, be grateful that you have a job, as you know how high unemployment is in our nation.

Most communities in our area will have some entertainment that you can read about in today's At The Shore, inside this newspaper. For those of you who reside in Atlantic City, the Chicken Bone Beach Historical Foundation and the Atlantic City Free Public Library will present Jazz On The Beach at Kennedy Plaza, in front of the Boardwalk Hall, at 7 p.m. This will be followed by Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa's 10th anniversary 30-minute fireworks display, at 9 p.m.

Beginning at 9:30 p.m., the Atlantic City Alliance will present a fireworks display that will originate from the marina and be simultaneously presented at three beach locations, on the beaches of New Hampshire Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Hartford Avenue.

This is the first time we've had a fireworks show like this. It should be spectacular. It will be a good way to conclude our birthday.

Living by sea healthful

The following is a report of a study presented at a science policy conference hosted by the American Geophysical Union. Since it is about the beach, it was felt it would be apropos to present here at the beginning of our summer season.

A new study conducted by the University of Exeter in England found that there were many health benefits to spending time near the ocean. The study stated that at the beach, "it's not going to be any great surprise to you that people relax." The more complex question was how being near the beach impacted people's health.

The researchers studied census data in England and found that those who live near the coast reported better health. Just moving closer to the beach had an effect on people. The researchers found that moving closer to the sea "significantly improves people's well-being" about one-tenth as much as getting a new job. Moving to the sea may also reduce stress and encourage physical activity.

One of their ongoing studies involved putting people in stressful situations and then placing them virtually in a beach setting. Early signs show that people reported feeling better when immersed in the seaside setting. One of the study's organizers said their results could help create a form of therapy based on ocean exposure.

Here is my reaction to this report. Those of us who have the good fortune to live by the sea are well aware of its benefits. First, there is the fresh salt air, which comes from the crashing of the waves, that people ingest into their lungs. Doctors have often told their patients who have varied problems to get into the ocean and just stand and let the waves caress them.

Is there any scientific data about my study? No. It comes from observations and talking with physicians. There are those who take the salt water home and take a teaspoon of it every day to cleanse themselves. Does it work? I don't know, but they keep coming back and getting more ocean water.

One of our former hoteliers claimed that our sand was the equivalent of the sand used in the sea baths in France that people use to cure varied ailments. Dr. Bacharach was one of those foremost in urging people to go to the beach and dip their bodies into that ocean.

It is nice to see that a study proved what those who live here have known - that being on the beach and going into the ocean are beneficial to your health.

Notes of interest

The latest story is that a local group is in negotiations with Caesars Entertainment Corp. to buy the Claridge hotel. It is my understanding they would turn it into a true boutique hotel, which is something we direly need in the city.

Borgata's air service

We keep hearing stories from varied experts about the fact that Atlantic City needs to have air service in order to increase the numbers of people in the casinos. An agreement just went into effect between the South Jersey Transportation Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to get more airlines and air service to Atlantic City international Airport.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa has proof this concept works. It is using its own airplanes to fly to new markets within several hundred miles of Atlantic City. Here are just some of the cities that it is flying to to bring customers to Borgata: Norfolk, Va., Charlotte, S.C., Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pa. It is my understanding that Borgata is quite pleased with the reaction of its players.

Shark Tank finalist

Just a few days ago, Phil Matalucci received a call from Michael Kramer, producer of the Shark Tank television show that is shot in the Sony Pictures Studio in Los Angeles. Kramer informed Matalucci that he is now a Shark Tank finalist. Matalucci stated, "I was lucky enough to be chosen out of 33,000 applicants to have to travel to Culver City, Calif., in September for a five-day preparation and shoot to air in October/November 2013. Michael's job is to get me on the show in front of the Shark Tank panel."

Matalucci is the president of Philly Phil LSA, a company that provides luxury suite alternatives in just about every stadium in the nation. He also provides excellent seats for every major event, no matter where the facility is located.

Pinky's Corner appears every Thursday in The Press. The Pinky's Corner radio show airs 4 to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays on WOND 1400-AM. His TV show, "WMGM Presents Pinky," airs 7:30 p.m. Saturdays on NBC TV40. E-mail Pinky at:

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