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The rumor mill has not only been busy lately, but has also seen its latest rumor become a reality. Two weeks ago it brought out that Phish, a popular jam band, would be appearing for a three-day stay in Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall commencing on Halloween. Within a week, Phish representatives sent out releases confirming the rumor.

Also, the announcement Friday by the London-based 2UP company that they are going to either buy a current Atlantic City casino or build a new one was information first brought to your attention in a rumor here a few months ago.

A new rumor is one that many people may find hard to believe. That is what makes our rumor mill so interesting, as it doesn't come up with common information, but very special projections.

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The rumor involves the Sugar House Casino, developed in Philadelphia in 2010, and Churchill Downs Inc., renowned racetrack owner and operator of five casinos, vying to buy the Atlantic Club casino in Atlantic City.

We all know the Atlantic Club has been for sale and the idea of the Sugar House Casino or Churchill Downs buying it is to many sources unbelievable. However, to those in the know it would be a very wise achievement if it does become a reality.

We know that the Mohegan Sun Casino is working jointly with Resorts Casino Hotel to allow their clients to share any of their properties.

The idea of the Sugar House Casino being able to send their clients to Atlantic City, just 60 miles away, with the quality of Atlantic Club's fine hotel, entertainment, a variety of good restaurants and a beach bar, makes it a pretty good deal for both entities. The idea of having Churchill Downs buy Atlantic Club is something few here ever thought might happen.

The latest is that one of these two companies has signed a 30-day agreement for the possible sale of the Atlantic Club. Will it become a reality and who will it be? We anticipate a statement from Atlantic Club in the very near future.

Things to be done

•Time goes by so quickly and there are so many things to be done to make Atlantic City what it should be that one gets boggled down at the many things to be done. A few months ago, there was discussion of putting new street signs on the streets of Atlantic City.

Unfortunately, the signs were too big and too heavy for the poles that were to hold them. So what happened? We were told that new signs would be ordered and they would be well lit so that when people were driving at night they could see the name of the street coming up. Why has it not been done?

•Here's another project that needs to be done. We talked about having signs on the three entranceways to Atlantic City. We noted that Las Vegas had just spent more than $800,000 to upgrade the area where their welcome sign was located. They did this so that people could take pictures standing in front of the Vegas sign and then send them out or take them home so the people would know where they've been. We do not have any such sign in Atlantic City. Why not? By the way, it would be nice to have a welcome sign somewhere on the Boardwalk. People could take their pictures in front of it and then do as they do in Vegas, send them home or carry them with them.

•Several months ago, this column was told there would be a milling and paving on Atlantic Avenue from Boston to Morris avenues, the worst sections of that street. Would you believe that bids were sought for the project and there was not one response? We've been told that a new bid request was recently put out and responses are due back Aug. 13. This situation continues to provide an unwelcome ride on Atlantic Avenue as you drive into the city. That is something that needs to be done. Hopefully a bid will be returned and work will begin in the not too distant future.

•A request has been made for improvements citywide. Everyone in Atlantic City has been asked to get involved to improve their property's conditions and support the Miss America Pageant and their planned activities. Have you seen any signs of this?

•We've also been told that there would be street-end poles that would be equipped to handle flags or banners, LED street signs and electrical outlets. They could also be used for cameras and speakers. As of today, there is no sign of any of these being bought so that they could be installed at the Boardwalk's street ends.

Revel to have daily entertainment

Bernie Dillon, Revel's entertainment consultant, has put together two excellent entertainment programs that will be played in The Social, both in the afternoon and evening. The afternoon shows will be by mentalist Wayne Hoffman at noon and 2 p.m. The Cirque Dreams Revealed show will be at 5 and 8 p.m.

Neil Goldberg is a name many in the area are familiar with, as he was the promoter of the cirque shows that performed in various local casinos for many years. It's been quite a while since we've had one of the cirque shows in Atlantic City. I saw the show that was presented at Revel, and it looked as though they took the top performers of several of the shows and put them all together in one outstanding presentation.

The intimacy of the room makes it so one can see the sweat rolling down the performers' faces. They have added one new act, a gentleman performing acrobatic maneuvers in and out of a bathtub. The ladies will love his performance. These ladies and gentlemen keep the show rolling with little time between acts. It is an exciting show that has several daredevil acts. It is good to once again have a cirque show in Atlantic City.

Hoffman is a highly regarded mentalist who has been contracted for two months with an option to continue. It's been quite a while since we have had a mentalist performing on a daily basis in a casino. The crowds seem to enjoy that type of entertainment.

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