PLEASANTVILLE — School board members voted unanimously Tuesday night to terminate their contract with Atlantic Human Resources Inc., which oversees three day care centers in the city.

The decision came a week after Superintendent Garnell Bailey announced his intention to bring the request to the board.

The addendum to the agenda stated that the contract with AHR should be instantly terminated and the three day care locations in Pleasantville, serving 75 students, will be acquired by the school district.

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This means that 10 teachers and aides from the locations will become district employees. The details regarding higher-ranking staff, including directors, are still being worked out.

Employees of Atlantic City-based AHR have been upset with their current management due to late paychecks twice in the past month.

Bailey said she was aware of the situation with the paychecks and heard threats of employees wanting to leave — something that would affect the children of Pleasantville.

“These are our children,” she said Tuesday night.

The acquisition agreement would last until June 30, and results of the reapplication process will be revealed at a meeting next month, Bailey said.

The day cares, located on Bayview Avenue, West Adams Avenue and North Main Street, will be under district management.

Since the contract is terminated, the two final payments of the year to AHR, totaling about $128,000, will be withheld. The funds will return to the district to pay for employee salaries and associated expenses at the centers, Bailey said.

“Thank you for taking care of our kids,” Bailey said to the five employees who attended the meeting. “We are going to acquire our children as well as our teachers and aides.”

Jacqueline Wiggins, a director at two locations, said, “I for one am happy to see order restored and am at rest knowing that the district is in the position to help turn things around.”

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