PLEASANTVILLE - Two men were arrested after police said they broke into a vacant home and cut copper wire from the walls.

Police responded to a report of the forced entry from an eyewitness at about 9:50 a.m. Tuesday. Both suspects fled as police arrived at the corner of Madison and Charles avenues, but were caught soon after.

"Officers were provided updated information by the caller who stayed on the line with dispatchers," police said.

Agapito Esquilin, 35, was first to flee and was caught just outside the fence of the residential area, police said. Robert Gould, 32, escaped by running across Madison Avenue and onto the roof of a nearby business, after which police said they believe he jumped into a wooded area. Officers followed the path of flight and found Gould hiding in the dense brush, police said.

Police said the home they entered has been vacant for some time, and no address marked the property at 138 Madison Ave.

The cutting of copper pipes is a problem for vacant homes in the area, police said.

Criminal charges and bail are pending, police said.

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