Atlantic City police arrested a man Monday night after he allegedly assaulted a police officer and then barricaded himself into a building.

Officer Anthony Abrams attempted to stop the male at about 9:30 p.m. inside the Jacobs Family Terrace Condominiums.

Marquez Reid-Martinez, 33, of Atlantic City, assaulted Abrams, then was seen with a handgun as he fled inside an apartment in the 1400 block of Mediterranean Avenue, Sgt. Monica McMenamin said.

Once inside the residence, Reid barricaded the door preventing entry, and members of the Crisis Negotiation and SWAT teams responded, according to the report.

Reid eventually surrendered to police and his residence was secured, McMenamin said.

Sgt. Hall responded to the scene with his scent detection K-9 partner, who positively alerted to the odor of narcotics on Reid’s vehicle, which was towed to the Forensics Bay.

Detective Franco Sydnor and Sgt. Chris Barber interviewed the suspect, who has been charged with administration of the law and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. Additional charges are pending

Abrams did not report any injuries.

The investigation is ongoing.

Additional charges pending