VINELAND — If chicken noodle soup is a comfort food, then many of the region’s Hurricane Sandy victims should be feeling a little more comfortable pretty soon.

The Progresso Soup factory in Vineland is donating nine trailers of soup that will be designated to help storm victims in New Jersey.

The estimated 379,200 cans of soup are going to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, said Diane Berni, a general assistant for General Mills, which is Progresso Soup’s parent company.

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Some of that soup — more than 42,000 cans — is destined for the food bank’s facility in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, Berni said. Officials from that organization are scheduled to start picking up the soup at the Elmer Road plant at 9 a.m. Friday, she said.

The soup donation started with a suggestion from local resident Patty Cervini, who works in the plant’s distribution department, Berni said. Cervini wanted to help the storm victims, so she placed a call to corporate headquarters, Berni said.

“We were thinking two or three trailers, but they approved nine,” Berni said. “We were very happy with that. I give her credit. She picked up the ball and ran with it.”

Cervini could not be reached for comment.

Berni, who lives in Buena, Atlantic County, said plant workers — the facility has about 475 employees — are excited about helping the storm victims.

“We were hit pretty hard around here,” she said. “These are our neighbors. We need to take care of our neighbors.”

And there will be more than just chicken soup, Berni said.

“Nobody likes just one kind of Progresso Soup,” she said.

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