SIC budget

Sea Isle City Mayor Len Desiderio

Cindy Nevitt, Staff Writer

SEA ISLE CITY — Promising residents the same “clean, safe and well-maintained city” they enjoy now with no cuts in services and no increases to water and sewer rates, Mayor Leonard Desiderio last week proposed a 2015 budget that contains a zero local tax increase.

“Our cause is the delivery of municipal services that contribute to the quality of citizens’ lives in an effective and cost-efficient way,” Desiderio said during his State of the City address.

No changes were made to the proposed budget at a council workshop held Monday, said Business Administrator George Savastano. The budget is scheduled for introduction by City Council on March 10.

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The $22.1 million operating budget for 2015 will keep the local tax rate flat at 32.4 cents per $100 of assessed value. The owner of an average home assessed at $716,000 will continue to pay $2,320 in local taxes.

Health care costs for the city’s 92 full-time workers increased approximately 9 percent above 2014 costs, Savastano said. That increase will be somewhat offset by employees contributing toward their health plans, reducing the net increase for 2015 to about 5.4 percent.

There will be no increase in the utility budget of $8.6 million as surplus from 2014 will be applied toward it, Desiderio said.

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