Lynne Lucca wishes she could have passed up the recognition for helping out after Hurricane Sandy - only so someone else could receive the honor, she said.

She said she feels lucky to be one of the few selected by a panel to receive an award from the American Red Cross Southern Shore Chapter during its Breakfast of Champions event Thursday at Ceasars Hotel and Casino.

Lucca said that when she offered storage space to the Red Cross, which helped manage the thousands of in-kind donations that poured in from around the country after Sandy, it was her way of "paying it forward."

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She and her husband, Russell, of Hammonton, own a home in Ocean City that was untouched by the storm.

"I felt like I owed the universe for my good fortune. I felt like there was so much good that I could do. So I got on phone and called the American Red Cross," Lucca said.

Thursday's appreciation breakfast, attended by at least 100 people, was held for those who helped not only by "their service to the chapter but to the community in general in response to Sandy recovery efforts," Southern Shore Chapter Executive Director Carol Cohen said.

The honorees were chosen by the Red Cross based not only on their service to the chapter but to the community in general in response to Sandy recovery efforts, Cohen said.

Honorees included the Caesars Foundation and Caesars Entertainment, Tri-County Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters, Atlantic City Electric, Spencer Gifts and Atlantic Cape Community College/Atlantic Cape Foundation.

Local residents honored also included Cindy DuBois, a guidance counselor at Cumberland Regional High School who organized various student committees to raise funds for victims of the hurricane, and Johnnie Walker, a disabled Vietnam veteran who is a leading presence in the newly formed Veterans Advisory Committee of Cape May County to help returning disabled veterans.

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