MIDDLE TOWNSHIP — Within the last three weeks, “minimal visible mold growth” has been identified in two classrooms in Elementary School No. 1 with the help of an outside contractor and the mold has since been removed, school officials said.

Superintendent Michael J. Kopakowski said Thursday that ALS Environmental located the mold on desks and shelving. The school district then hired Paul Davis Emergency Services to clean and eliminate the mold and the problem was corrected within 24 hours, Kopakowski said.

Custodians and maintenance staff in the Middle Township School District have now been trained to recognize potential sources of mold as part of an indoor air-quality management program designed to prevent mold from growing in any of the district’s four schools, Kopakowski said.

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“Our goal is to recognize the signs of this before it becomes a problem,” Kopakowski said.

In this case, the problem was apparently caused when HVAC units in the affected section of the building were not draining condensation correctly because they were clogged, he said.

The units have since been repaired.

The total cost of the latest remediation effort was $5,800.

Since then, Kopakowski said, all of the schools have been inspected by ALS Environmental and have been deemed to have appropriate environmental conditions.

About 2,700 students in pre-kindergarten to 12th grade are enrolled for the school year that starts Sept. 5.

“We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy environment,” Kopakowski said, adding he had just visited Elementary School No. 1. “We’re ready to go.”

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