Weather conditions may not have cooperated for beachgoers Friday, but the rain held off at night for Revel’s season-opening fireworks display.

The Memorial Day weekend began with a 15-minute fireworks show that gave many families an option their first night at the shore.

“We didn’t get to do much today (because of the weather),” said Queens, N.Y., resident Wayne Nowak. “But the fireworks were great fun to watch. It’s the best part of the day.”

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The show, produced by Brookhaven, N.Y.,-based Fireworks by Grucci, was able to go on despite rainy, cool weather all day.

Dirk Schavenmaker, Revel’s senior vice president of resort operations, said Revel received a lot of positive feedback after it did three nights of fireworks last Labor Day weekend. They decided to revive the displays again this summer season, he said.

The resort has plans for more fireworks on June 14 and Aug 2.

“It’s exciting,” he said. “It’s a fun family attraction, and it gives people something to do.”

He also hopes the show will bring people to check out new attractions at the casino. “We have a lot of little things to make people happy,” he said.

The Boardwalk was filled with people for last year’s Labor Day weekend shows. There was a small crowd on the Boardwalk watching Friday’s display, but because of the cold temperatures the majority of the audience crammed inside the casino to watch it this time.

But they still came.

Burlington Township resident Karen Stevens brought her family to see the fireworks.

“They like them, and they don’t get to see them very often,” she said. “It’s a great way to start a holiday weekend.”

Philadelphia resident Tan Tran and his family came down for the day because of the fireworks.

“Atlantic City needs more things like this to bring people down,” he said.

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