The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey’s sustainability majors are partnering with the city of Margate to create a municipal and community carbon footprint map.

The purpose of the carbon footprint is to expose Margate’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas of municipal, residential and commercial energy, transportation and waste and sewage.

The project is being funded by Margate, spearheaded by the Sustainable Margate Committee, a volunteer group of residents and city officials led by Commissioner Brenda Taube and committee leader Monica Coffey, of Margate, who works for the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.

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The mapping will be completed by a group of Stockton students as their senior project, under the leadership of Professor Patrick Hossay, who teaches sustainability and land management. The students will receive a small stipend for their work.

“The kids are now done with the preliminary training and getting familiar with the township,” Hossay said. “We should be able to get started soon.”

Hossay said Stockton students have worked with many local municipalities in the past to create carbon footprints.

Coffey said she’s anxious to see the final results of the report and looks forward to the environmental improvements and ideas that are to come of it. Each sustainable step Margate takes, including creating the carbon footprint, helps improve its ranking in the Sustainable Jersey nonprofit organization, which in turn helps state municipalities get grants to continue in its efforts.

“So much was already underway in Margate,” Coffey said. “Margate is a very progressive and forward thinking community when it comes to things such as recycling and recycling education, electronics curbside recycling, we have a farmers market and we support shopping locally. This provides a way for the city to get credit for its efforts.”

The study will measure the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the city in a given year and enable Margate to track its progress and determine if new policies are having an impact and indicate where upgrades could be made.

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