The Marine Mammal Stranding center in Brigantine is nursing a seal found Wednesday night that is about 200 pounds underweight.

Center Director Robert Schoelkopf said the seal was found in Seaside Park. The 6-foot-long grey seal weighed 350 pounds, which is about 200 pounds less than it should, he said.

The adult male seal is being fed live fish and would need to eat 30 to 40 pounds of fish a day to maintain his current body weight. He will be fed additional fish over the next few months to gain the extra 200 pounds, he said.

The center took in an underweight grey seal in 2010, which they nursed to health and released to the water, and Schoelkopf said they are trying to determine if it’s the same animal.

“We’re wondering if maybe he wanted another free meal,” he joked.