Lots of cold air is expected to come to the region this week.

The National Weather Service said high temperatures will be in the mid- to high 20s today through Thursday, and the high temperature will not reach the 40s until Monday. AccuWeather forecasts 41 degrees for Friday.

The first half of the month had warmer-than-normal temperatures, as much of the cold air from Canada was blocked by various weather fronts. But Kristin Kline, meteorologist for the service, said cold air is headed to the area and temperatures will go down.

The National Weather Service issued a warning of brief moderate snow around 9 p.m. Monday night and warned that all “untreated surfaces will remain icy or snow covered overnight” as temperatures were expected to remain in the low 20s. There is also a chance for snow flurries tonight and light snow Wednesday. There is a chance of a storm Thursday night through Friday night with a mix of snow, rain, sleet and freezing rain, depending on how low temperatures are, she said.

It was too early to determine any accumulation, she said. “It’s very changeable,” she said.

Atlantic City Emergency Management Director Tom Foley said the city was monitoring the situation and could issue a “code blue” Wednesday or Thursday if the wind chill nears zero. During a code blue, the city advises residents to check heating systems and care for the elderly and pets. The city canvasses for homeless and provides additional resources and security at the Rescue Mission.

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