ATLANTIC CITY - Two long term recovery groups in Atlantic County were awarded a total of $1.1 million to help survivors of Hurricane Sandy with construction and home repairs.

The Atlantic County Long Term Recovery Group and the Atlantic City Long Recovery Group were awarded the grants today from the American Red Cross.

The idea is to provide the funds to the local groups in order to let them effectively cater to the needs of the region, said spokeswoman Kate Vossen at a press conference in Atlantic City today.

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But that is only a small part of recovery efforts locally, said Henry Wise, chairperson of the Atlantic County group.

Right now, recovery is about 50 percent, Wise said. Efforts have been double to reach out to residents through places of worship to let them know the group is there to help them.

"We're sending people back out," Wise said. "We are reaching out to the clergy. We have had some people come out already and that's good."

Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford also spoke at the event today thanking the groups who have partnered with the city to help with recovery from the storm.

The Atlantic County group received $586,000 to help about 120 households.

The Atlantic City group received the same amount to aid 100 households, and about 150 families with disaster case management including furnishings and rental assistance.

The Red Cross was able to award the grants from donations received after the storm.

The organization said in a statement today that they have committed about 85 percent, or about $260 million, of the donations received for recovery efforts.


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