A former Cumberland County teacher and a Cape May County substitute teacher have had their state licenses revoked as a result of criminal convictions.

Ryan Giovanelli, a former teacher at the Millville Alternative School, was certified as a teacher of social studies, a teacher of elementary school and a principal.

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According to the order of revocation issued by the state Board of Examiners, Giovanelli pleaded guilty in August 2010 to conspiracy and arson. He was sentenced to ongoing probation and ordered to pay $9,100 in restitution. The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office forwarded the information on the case to the Board of Examiners.

According to The Press of Atlantic City archives, Giovanelli, who was living in Vineland at the time, was charged in 2008 with planning to kidnap, sexually assault and kill his ex-girlfriend, and paying another person to commit aggravated arson. Giovanelli reportedly paid another man to set fire to his girlfriend’s car. He was suspended from his job at that time pending results of the court proceedings.

At its Sept. 21 meeting the Board of Examiners formally adopted the decision to revoke Giovanelli’s licenses, noting that: “Clearly a teacher convicted of conspiracy and arson cannot claim status as a role model to anyone.”

At the same meeting the board approved the revocation of the substitute teaching certificate of William Davis. The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office had notified the board that in October 28, 2011 Davis had pleaded guilty to one count of criminal sexual contact. He was sentenced to four years probation and 180 days in the county jail.

The state Office of Criminal History Review notified the board that as a result of the conviction, Davis was disqualified from public school employment. His substitute certificate was due to expire in January 2015.

Both decisions were posted on the Department of Education web site this week.


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