The handicapped-accessible beach chair that was stolen from the Ventnor City Beach Patrol on Aug. 23 has been recovered.

Lt. Woodrow Ferry of the Ventnor City Beach Patrol said the chair was abandoned at the 100 block of Buffalo Avenue where police found it early Wednesday morning.

“Police called and said they did find it, but we haven’t got it back just yet,” Ferry said.

The handicapped accessible beach chair had been chained to four-by-four pilings anchored in the sand at New Haven Avenue. When Ventnor lifeguards reported to work on Aug. 24 they found it was missing. Also missing were the chains and pilings that had secured it.

The chair, which has large wheels making it easier to roll over the sand, was one of three of its kind owned by the Ventnor City Beach Patrol and is valued at approximately $1,000. The Beach patrol uses it to transport Ventnor’s residents and visitors with disabilities on and off of the beach.