VINELAND — City Council will vote next week to give the local Police Athletic League organization a significant break on its rent.

The ordinance council will consider Tuesday would decrease PAL’s monthly rent on its building at Sixth and Elmer streets from $2,000 to $1.

City Councilman Paul Spinelli has pushed for the change, saying the $2,000-a-month rent represents a significant part of PAL’s finances.

PAL occupies the former site of Hanger 84 concert venue.

The city bought the building from the local Urban Enterprise Zone for $1 in March 2012. The UEZ took control of the Hanger 84 building in February 2012 through a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The UEZ paid the back taxes, which city officials said totaled more than $40,000.

The city’s PAL formerly occupied a building about a block away on Elmer Street. PAL was forced out of the building because of a series of structural problems.

PAL has since been renovating the building, a process that is taking longer than anticipated. The work is getting some help from local Board of Education workers, who are volunteering their time to work on specialized items.

City officials said PAL’s new headquarters should be open this summer.

Also next week, City Council will introduce an ordinance that establishes bicycle lanes on Elmer and Wood streets between East and West avenues.

The lanes are part of a multipronged effort involving health, public safety and the economy.

Officials with the city’s Health Department said the lanes will hopefully get more people to bicycle through the city. That is part of an effort to increase the overall health of city residents. Cumberland County is listed as the least healthy county in New Jersey.

City officials said the bicycle lanes will also narrow the space along Elmer and Wood streets for motor vehicles. That will allow for the single line of vehicles for which both streets are designed, and prevent motorists from passing each other.

City officials said they hope the bicycle lanes will allow more people to pedal their way to downtown businesses on Landis Avenue.

In other business scheduled for next Tuesday’s meeting, City Council will authorize the public bidding for a liquor license the municipality created for the Bottino ShopRite project.

The development agreement for that project required the city to create a new liquor license on which the company could bid. The city set the minimum bid at $300,000.

However, supermarket developers instead bought an existing liquor license. That eliminated the concern that they could be outbid on the liquor license created under the development agreement.

City Solicitor Rick Tonetta said the new minimum bid for the license is $450,000.

The resolution also requires the successful bidder to be in business within one year of getting the license, he said. City Council could extend that deadline should an unforeseen circumstance arise, he said.

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