VINELAND — The school district’s two preschools will not open as scheduled Sept. 5 because of ongoing utility work at one of the facilities, officials said Tuesday.

Work that involves the rerouting of electric, water, sewer and gas lines at the Almond Road Preschool Center, located in a building rented from the state, is still ongoing, district officials said Tuesday.

The center, and the Casimer M. Dallago Early Childhood Center will now open Monday, Sept. 9, Superintendent of Schools Mary Gruccio said.

“Rather than create confusion, we thought it best to have both district preschools start on (Sept. 9), even though the work at Almond Road does not directly affect the Dallago preschool,” she said.

The delayed openings will add two days to June’s school calendar for students and staff at the preschools, district officials said.

Wayne Weaver, the school district’s executive director of facilities, said the work at the Almond Road school was “extensive.” The work involved rerouting the utility lines from a series of different on-site connections, he said.

Some “procedural delays” on behalf of several state agencies also delayed the start of the utility work, Weaver said.

The delayed opening does not affect private preschool providers, district officials said.

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