VINELAND — City officials are considering a more broad-based marketing campaign to attract more people to local businesses.

Part of that involves the recent creation of the so-called "Image Committee," a venture between the city and the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce.

"We're working on rolling out for the whole of Vineland," Sandra Forosisky, the municipality's economic development director, told City Council on Monday. "We have a whole city. That's promoting the city for a whole."

Todd Noon, executive director for Main Street Vineland, also said that the Vineland Downtown Improvement District is planning bus tours linked to the Landis Theater Performing Arts Center.

The bus tours would involve a show at the theater, which is now by run by Appel Farm Arts and Music Center, with a dinner at a local restaurant or visits to other downtown businesses, he said. The tours should begin next year, he said.

Forosisky told City Council about the Image Committee during City Council's work session. Part of that session involved annual proposed funding for the Downtown Vineland Marketing Project. The budget is $125,000, the same as last year. City Council will vote on the authorizing legislation when it meets Dec. 26.

Local officials have put much work into improving the downtown Landis Avenue business district. They are working on a plan that markets the downtown area as a sort of dining-entertainment-shopping destination.

The Landis Theater and the Landis MarketPlace, which has an Amish market, are two anchors of that plan.

During Monday's meeting, City Councilman Douglas Albrecht asked Forosisky if the marketing plan should be "more encompassing."

"Should we be moving forward with additional resources?" he said.

Noon said his organization is trying to work on the part of Landis Avenue west of the boulevard, an area local officials said earlier needs more upgrading.

"It's a hard sell," Noon said.

Albrecht also asked Forosisky and Noon if the city plans to include a cluster of hotels on West Landis Avenue near the Route 55 interchange in the marketing plans.

"There hasn't been any discussion of any hotel-based initiatives," Noon said.

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