The executive director of the company that now manages the Landis Theater Performing Arts Center in Vineland has resigned.

Mark Packer has ended his 29-year run with Appel Farm Arts & Music Center, the organization announced Thursday.

Packer’s departure will have no impact on Appel Farm’s operation at the Landis Theater, said Dee Billia, Appel Farm’s director of external relations.

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“None whatsoever,” Billia said. “No impact at all.”

Packer, who will become executive director of the South Orange Performing Arts Center, was never in charge of the day-to-day operations at the Landis Theater, she said.

Appel Farm and the Landis Theater Foundation signed an agreement in April to have Appel Farm run the financially struggling Landis Theater.

The agreement gave the foundation the professional management structure that it lacked since the theater reopened in May 2010.

Appel Farm moved the bulk of its operations, and specifically its concerts and children’s programming, from the small, rustic Clare Rostan Appel Theater at its headquarters in Elmer, Salem County, to the Landis Theater. The new venture is called “Appel Farm at the Landis.”

When the agreement was signed, Packer called it a “unique partnership.”

“Our 51 years of experience as a nonprofit allow us a deeper understanding of the challenges in Vineland, and we have created an extensive business plan to guide us as we move forward in programming for the theater,” he said.

Packer joined Appel Farm in 1984.

Packer served as the summer arts camp director from 1985 through 1987. He became the organization’s executive director in 1988.

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