The end of a record-setting winter may be in sight when temperatures rise to 60 degrees Friday.

The record low for Atlantic City has been 16 degrees, but forecasters expect today's low to beat it by one degree, reaching 15 degrees, according to Patrick O'Hara, meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

"It has been an unrelenting winter since December," O'Hara said. "Sometimes the winter will have one or two cold months and the third is warmer. This winter has been all three months of cold temperatures and above normal snowfall."

Atlantic City's average snowfall total by this time of the year is 16 inches. The total this year is 39.9 inches, O' Hara said.

"This may be the end of it. We will get cold temperatures tonight and then we'll have a milder weekend," he said.

Temperatures will reach 60 degrees on Friday, followed by mid-50s for Saturday and Sunday.

Some rain is expected over the weekend, but temperatures will stay above freezing for the foreseeable future.