About 47 percent of all school buses and other school vehicles in New Jersey fail the state’s rigorous inspection each year.

The state Motor Vehicle Commission has updated its School Bus Inspection website to provide more information on the results of those inspections.

The enhanced School Bus Report Card allows the public to view online detailed information on the inspection results for individual school buses.

“We want parents to feel comfortable that the vehicle used to transport their child each school day is safe and ready to go,” said MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez.

The MVC inspects about 24,000 school vehicles twice a year, using a 180-point checklist that covers the interior, exterior and mechanics of the bus. The inspection results are then entered into the MVC’s online report card for viewing.

The new report includes the percentage of buses within a particular company or school district bus yard that were either approved or failed inspection and were put out of service. The report includes the reason for an inspection failure, whether the bus is pending a re-exam, and results of the second inspection.

The inspections include all school-type vehicles, including those used by nonprofit groups, public school districts and private school bus companies.

The information is online at njmvc.gov. Click on the Inspections link, then click on “School Bus Inspections.”

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