The Glenwood Avenue School in Wildwood is among 19 schools statewide that will share a $1 million grant to improve math and language arts instruction for special education students.

The Wildwood school will get $50,000, the maximum allowed for a school its size.

Josepha Penrose, supervisor of curriculum and instruction for the Wildwood School District, said the money will be used for technology and teacher training. She said the goal will be to have students with disabilities spend more time in regular classrooms rather than be pulled out for separate instruction.

She said the school has already formed a Professional Learning Community of teachers who will work on how to adapt lessons to meet the needs of the special education students.

Glenwood Avenue School was eligible for the grant because of low test scores that place it in a state grouping of "focus schools" that get more state attention. The grant is funded through the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

"We have focused intense efforts this past year to turn around our lowest-performing schools, and these grants provide additional support to those schools," Education Commissioner Chris Cerf said in announcing the grants.

The U.S. Department of Education also announced Friday that the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network would get $1.6 million to help operate parent assistance technical centers in nine states, including New Jersey. The centers will use the funding to improve information they provide parents on laws, policies and education practices affecting children with disabilities.

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