Atlantic City added 14 police officers to its ranks today.

The graduates include three officers who already had been patrolling the city as Class II officers, and a husband and wife.

Malik Tolbert, Peterson Aucule and Cuong Sam were among the city’s Special Law Enforcement Officer IIs who patrol the city’s Boardwalk.

They are joined as full-time officers by Class President Leah Giercyk and husband and wife Joshua and Juliann Schwenger.

The remaining class is: Matthew Cocuzza, David Flaherty, Suman Majumder, George Mancuso, Brian McKinney, Lennin Moya, Jose Ruiz, and Alberto Valles.

Today’s graduates still have the city at about 305 police, below the minimum 330 that had been agreed upon when officers were returned from layoffs more than two years ago.

Public safety officials say they are working on getting more officers.